Playa Marina

Playa Marina is an environmentally friendly holiday rental, “off-grid” as it is powered by solar energy. You do not have to forsake modern facilities, in order to have a responsible and sustainable tourist experience.
If the sea has been calm for a while, there is a sandy beach at low tide. When the ocean is rough, the sand gets washed further out, and rocks/stones at low tide. There are some small lava caves that are accesible at low tide.
Our swimmingpool is right next to the ocean.

Playa Marina is located between the small villages Mala and Arrieta. Playa Marina consist of one Villa,, and 3 Bungalows. We have a shared pool, roof terrace, views to the ocean, views of the volcanoes, WIFI and located close to the sea.

Playa Marina was originally built as a health center in the late sixties. It is located between the small towns of Mala and Arrieta. The location is very unique, as there are few places built close to the ocean outside of the tourist areas in Lanzarote. There is about 2 km to the small town of Arrieta, with the golden sand beach, La Garita.

The beach La Garita, in the closest village Arrieta

Captivating scenery and natural works of art can be found in the north of Lanzarote thanks to the island’s volcanic history and a little help from renowned artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Fascinating attractions like Jameos del Agua and the Great Lakes are great places to visit. There is no miss out on the Mirador del Rio, a spectacular viewpoint – also built by Manrique – blending harmoniously with its surroundings and providing breathtaking views over La Graciosa and the other islets of the Chinijo archipelago.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island, with a wonderful nature and combining the magic of its history with an enviable spring climate throughout the year. Lanzarote has some beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes, a paradise of unique nature which friendly people.

Lanzarote was the second Biosphere Reserve in the Canaries, adding a new component: for the first time was declared UNESCO a territory as a whole, including all of its population centers. The perfect symbiosis achieved in Lanzarote between man and nature without any doubt the main cause of this international recognition. The island will find amazing beaches, secluded coves, trekking path, bike rentals, many surf, kite and windsurf schools, scuba-diving , boat trips. You could do some climbing up to the Volcanoes, or practice Yoga during the sunset.

from the beach